About Von Merlin

After more than 40 years of skating and 25+ years in the skating industry as a product designer and creative director of various top brands, I've finally created something that I believe will be the start of a new wave in the rhythm style skate culture and roller skating in general. Von Merlin is that brand.

Von, meaning 'of or from' and Merlin being the last name of Jean-Joseph Merlin, the inventor of the first known skates. I decided that there was no better way to present the future of roller skating than paying homage to the originator of this beloved sport and hobby.

For decades rhythm skaters have utilized skates and products that were designed for standard session skating, figures, speed, etc. We frequently improvise in order to make products work for our style by shaving wheels, adjusting plates and altering boots. The products I have created under Von Merlin directly reflect the evolution of our skating style and lends to what is needed in today's rhythm style skate culture.


It began with the 54mm Dots and 58mm Kats wheels; making them sized and shaped for the technical aspects of rhythm skating in the current era. Then came the designing of the first boot. The Von Merlin T3K, features a lightweight carbon shell, an ultra stiff non flex upper, anatomically shaped toe box and ventilation holes in the tongue and sole, answering the rigorous demands of modern day skaters.

The goal is to push the envelope on product development in roller skating. Not just for the rhythm skaters, but for recreational, skate park and derby skaters as well. Von Merlin will be working to introduce more wheels, boots and accessories as we advance into the future.

This project would not be possible without the advice, encouragement and investment help from close friends, mentors and family. I deeply appreciate all of their contributions. Whether you've known of me from years past or this is your first time, I want to thank you for the opportunity to share my dream of Von Merlin and my passion for roller skating.


Mo Sanders - Von Merlin Skates